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Tips for wedding from YesMyBride

For this week, we dedicating ourselves to the empowerment of women in memory of National Women’s History Month. Much attention has been attached to women’s issues and finding better ways to help other women.

In order to have a profound and better understanding of the spirit, I decided to pay my attention to the great women that had marvelous achievements.

The majority of us, the females in our family ,including mother, grandma, grandpa, sisters and cousins, are the ones we first come to know. And they have posed great influence on us.

In the world of celebrities, the females I admire include Madonna, a charming woman of great femininity, and she show us a new way of life and she is a pioneer of sexuality.

Throughout life, we make friends at school, maybe even a whole new sisterhood in a sorority, and work mates. We’re closer to some than others, but at the end of the day, each female influence the person around us.

Naturally, when it came to the announcement of my engagement and the my wedding ceremony I suddenly started receiving advice and suggestions from female ones around us.

“You HAVE to wear white. dress…it’s the only way,” said by mother and grandmother.

“Wear whatever color you like, it does not matter” my older sister Vivian hold a different opinion.

“You should have your wedding in the summer, when the weather is the best,” suggested one of my sisters from sorority.

“Definitely have your wedding during the cooler months, to save money,” came another piece of advice from my work colleagues.

And so on, and so on…The advice came by text messages, emails, SNS web sites wall posts, and one of my cousins even mailed her whole wedding planner. It’s not that I didn’t appreciate everyone’s kindness or anything, I was just suddenly really cannot handle that.

So overwhelmed that I even locked myself in my apartment for a few days,just with a pile of bridal magazines and other reference materials for the wedding.

I couldn’t help but wonder…Do all new brides-to-be receive this much advice from her peers, or are my ladies a little more excited than others? I jumped onto SNS web site to ask our brides what kind of advice they received from their femme circles:

“Don’t spend too much on your dress, it’s only for one day…there is no need to go into debt!” told by one bride.

“Just remember to have fun and be happy! Don’t worry if things go wrong!” were the kind words of a bridesmaid.

“EAT! You’ll need the energy and eating keep you energetic!” – Mother of the bride…typical, that would definitely be something my own mother will be constantly reminding me of on my big day. When I finally emerged from my cave, I was greeted with a full voicemail box and emails, each one offering plenty more words of wisdom, in case I had run out.

But… I now regard all these as signs of love. I’m completely lucky to have found the one, but also to have these women who have had my back since day one.

So to my ladies, give me all your advice. The good, the bad, the crazy…I’m ready!


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